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Published: 15th January 2010
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Excess consumption of beer will lead to a fat beer belly. It is more evident with men than women because they tend to put on weight on the belly, with women it is more likely to be the hips and thighs.

Every gram of alcohol (very close to a ml) contains 7.1 calories and this is second only to fat in calorie density per gram. Added these two are accountable for the vast amount of weight gain. By contrast protein and carbohydrate have only 4 calories per gram.

A standard glass of beer has around 70 calories, a six pack of beer will give you around 840 calories which might be close to half your daily calorie requirements. Add in a plate of fries and it is easy to see how they add up. Drink a six pack for six days a week and it is a massive 5040 additional calories.

As a pound of body fat has about 3500 calories, if you consume a 6-pack per day, you will consume enough calories to put on one and a half pounds/week of ugly body fat. This equates to 75 pounds/An which will be a fat beer belly all by itself.

In basic terms putting on weight is simple maths, we eat more calories than we need. This excess is accumulated as body fat just as our body is designed to do, and very good at it it is too. The alcohol alone may not be the problem in causing weight gain . How-ever by adding alcohol to our normal food intake we are obviously increasing the risk of over consumption.

A large beer intake usually ends up as visceral fat layed down around our kidneys and livers. The typical fat beer belly is often round and hard to the touch, rather than the layer of fat on the outside of the abdominal muscles, which has a softer feel.

So some of the simpler ways to get rid of this fat beer belly include stopping or reducing the consumption of beer as a source of unwanted and unneeded extra calories. There is no beneficial food value in alcohol it is just unnecessary calories.

It is best to not eat just before bed, particularly if it is the biggest meal you are having. We are not consuming many calories as we sleep. A big quantity of food in the stomach for the eight hours we should be sleeping keeps the stomach muscles extended until it slowly turns to stored fat.

When sitting if we can sit in an upright position with our stomach held in it will greatly help eliminate the fat beer belly silhouette. Spot reduction of the abs is not achievable from any program, but working on the abs will firm them up. This will make you look as if you have a trim stomach, and assist in keeping the muscles tight.

Knocking alcohol and fatty foods on the head will greatly reduce calorie consumption. There will be added health benefits if we can replace these with fresh fruit and vegetables. Even if this includes a comparable intake the calorific content will be reduced. High levels of carbohydrate taken in a short period will bump insulin leading to a reduced metabolism and on to higher fat storage. Remember that fat and alcohol have the highest calorific values of all food items.

Get rid of the junk food, it is just not good for us, and set aside time for a programmed exercise regime. Our bodies are genetically adapted to be active and we need to spend some time exercising.

Building muscle mass has huge benefits in losing that fat beer belly. This is both from increasing energy expenditure but also in maintenance and recover time. The muscles, all require energy and burn calories long after the exercise is completed.

Likewise a good cardio workout will burn calories during the workout and long after it is completed by increasing your metabolism. In an ideal world we would include interval training to raise and lower the effort required all the way through the exercise program.

The only way to lose the fat beer belly itself is to reduce body fat overall which is sometimes not so easy with our sedentary lifestyle. Combine this with a lack of exercise, and a take-away fast food diet but we need to make the effort if we are to have long and healthy lives. A fat beer belly is not acquired instantly, it is a long slow process, and that is also the way that it will be eliminated.

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